An Introduction!

3 Jul

One of my goals for this summer is to improve my cooking skills, and add some new dishes to my repertoire. I recently have been taking pictures of what I’ve cooked, and that’s where the idea for this blog sort of came from. I’ve been trying to make at least one new thing a week, and I didn’t start taking pictures till a few weeks in–so I pre-apologize for the lack of pictures in the first two posts.

My goal for each post is to share how the process of following the recipe went, what I did wrong (because there is inevitably always something), and how it tasted! I’ll also share my parents’ commentary (as they generally end up eating whatever I’ve cooked), and at the end of each post I’ll include 2 ratings, each out of 5 napkins (I use them frequently whilst cooking and eating, so I figure they’re a good representation) with 0 being the worst possible score and 5 being the best. The first will be my parents’, which will be based solely on taste, and the second will be mine, which will be based more on ease of cooking and a little bit on taste.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them! I’d love to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy my journey through the world of cooking!


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